Electrical Test & Tag FAQ’s

Lakkey Test It Tag It

What is Test & Tag?

A regular test looking for electrical faults in non-fixed tools, leads and electrical appliances. Testing and tagging your equipment should be part of your duty of care as an employer to maintain a safe working environment. Legal Requirements Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010 clearly mandates the ongoing inspection and testing of electrical equipment. There is an obligation on all Employers to ensure the safety of persons using electrical equipment. Lakkey Test It and Tag It has a mobile service that will ensure you will comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

What do I need to tag?

Any plug-in electrical appliances in a working environment or public place must be tested. I.e., computers, hand held tools, microwaves, 3 phase equipment, extension leads, power boards, portable Residual Current Devices (RCD’s).

How often should I test equipment?

Where local regulations do not exist, the Australian standards detail the frequencies required. Equipment manufacturers may also specify particular frequencies of test. See Service

Will the testing damage equipment?

No. Lakkey’s technicians are well trained, with years of experience and the machines used are not designed to damage any equipment. Our machines also are calibrated regularly and kept up to date.

How long will testing take?

Lakkey Test It Tag It staff are full time technicians and operate efficiently. Generally, each item will take several minutes to test.

Will I need to turn equipment off?

Generally, equipment will need to be turned OFF prior to testing

What are the benefits in keeping test records?

Record keeping provides a number of benefits, which include:

  • Asset tracking of equipment.
  • Demonstrated evidence of compliance.
  • Evidence that the work was undertaken.
  • The ability to forecast testing quantities and forecast budgets

Does the legislation differ between states in Australia?

Yes, however, business owners and persons in control of workplaces throughout Australia, have a common duty of care under health and safety laws to provide safe places of work for their employees. Specific state or territory requirements exist. Visit our Industry Links section to locate specific requirements. The Australian standards highlight the technical details and provide a uniform code. See Electrical Safety.

I have just purchased new electrical items! What do I do?

Contact Lakkey Test It Tag It office and provide us with the site details and a technician will be despatched to complete the testing at your site.

The tags on my equipment are out of date! What do I do?

Contact Lakkey’s office with the relevant site details and a technician will be despatched to undertake site testing as soon as possible.